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Galvanized Steel Pallets by Palac Industries

Designed by Palac Industries inc., the galvanized steel pallets are a remarkable green solution for the transportation of goods. Made entirely from top quality galvanized steel, they are fully recyclable. Easy to wash, the TANKOTM pallets stay clean and are very durable.

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As opposed to traditional wood pallets, there is no risk of mold, insect infestation, or other contaminants with the TANKOTM galvanized steel pallets. They meet all the product and packaging export standards, making them unique and convenient.



A strong lightweight easy to handle impressive supporting loads.


A unique design for extreme temperatures resistant and corrosion for a long life temperatures.


A purchase accessible and unmatched properties that offer excellent value for money cost.


An entirely Canadian-made using 100% recyclable galvanized alloy.

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Different Pallets for Different Needs

The TANKOTM galvanized steel pallets are available in two models: Light Pallet and Standard Pallet. All our pallet models meet the highest quality standards—their lightweight and the static charge they can support make them unique.

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Palac Industries distributes its pallets in
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Established in Quebec, Palac Industries Inc. distributes its galvanized steel pallets and other handling products throughout Canada, the United States, and Europe.