Palac Industries inc.

Reinventing the metal loading pallet

Innovating, pushing boundaries, offering the ultimate customer service: three things that motivate us every day.

Creating green products to protect the forests, a noble and living resource.

With new innovating designs and optimized materials, we look to provide the best loading pallet products on the market.

Palac Industries inc. team is devoted to continuously enhance its production methods and anticipate its clients' needs.

Our vision

We strive at becoming the leader manufacturer of metal pallets in North America, while providing sustainable and rewarding employment to our team.

Our values

Constantly be understanding and act respectfully towards our clients, employees, partners and suppliers.

 Give a great importance to teamwork, with our employees and our clients.

 Strive to be better in every new business we commit in.

 Show perseverance in finding solutions that will allow us to create better products.

 Show the utmost respect to our clients, employees, suppliers, partners and competitors. Show respect for the environment and our forests by offering green products.