Pallets and handling products

Galvanized steel pallets for your every need

Palac Industries Inc. offers you a wide choice of steel pallets. Made of galvanized steel and designed to be light, strong, and easy to maintain, the pallets offer many advantages such as their durability. The super-resistant corrugated surface combined with the non-rusting galvanized steel gives the TANKOTM pallets a very long life cycle.

The Galvanized Steel Pallets, the Perfect Substitute for Wood Pallets

An excellent replacement for the conventional wood pallets, the TANKOTM steel pallets are flame resistant, stack easily, and resist to extreme temperatures. As opposed to plastic and wood, the galvanized steel won’t break and lose its shape. The pallets are easy and safe to handle. Without welds or protruding parts, the risk of injury is greatly reduced.

TANKOTM Pallets: a Green Choice

The TANKOTM metal pallets are a smart green choice. Besides the fact that they don’t require any tree cutting, they are easily repaired, and fully recyclable. Eliminating all risk of mold, they simplify your shipping and export processes.


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