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TANKOTM Pallets - Specifications


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Build with galvanized steel, you can simply wash the metal pallet TANKOTM with water. Easy to maintain, this eliminates the contamination risk, mold proliferation and insect nesting.


The galvanized steel used in the TANKOTM pallets manufacturing makes them highly resistant to extreme temperatures. Unlike plastic pallets, our product is resistant to cold and will not break in extreme temperatures. Moreover, this material does not rust, assuring a long life cycle.


The TANKOTM pallet is the lightest on the market. Thus, it is easier to handle, reducing considerably the risk of injury during handling activities.


The galvanized steel TANKOTM pallets offer an excellent quality-price ratio.


A serial number can be attributed to every Palac Industries Inc. pallet. We know how important it is for you to follow your merchandise, our traceability service is the only one offering this possibility in the market.


The TANKOTM pallets unique characteristics make them one of the safest handling products on the market. No weld, nor unevenness that is found on wood, this pallet reduces the risk of injury.


Since it is fully made of galvanized steel, the TANKOTM pallet resists fire, and does not flaw when exposed to high heat. You can reduce your insurance costs, since it does not catch on fire and has zero toxic emission.


Palac Industries inc. has put in place a deposit program. For each pallet returned to us, we offer a credit applicable to your next order. Help us protect our forests, and bring back your returnable pallet when your carrier comes to get your new pallets.


With its corrugated surface, the TANKOTM steel pallet is highly resistant. One of the strongest on the market, it can support a static charge of 6,600 lbs (3,000 kg).


Designed to be easily pilled up, TANKOTM metal pallets use 18% less stocking space compared to any other classic pallet. The unique shape of its stringers allow access from any of the 4 sides using a standard pallet truck, while offering a high level of rigidity.