Why choose Palac

Palac Industries inc. : a pallet of advantages

Palac Industries inc. revolutionizes the metal loading pallet market by offering products with multiple benefits.


At Palac Industries inc., we take care of the environment. We use primarily sustainable and recyclable materials to create our metal pallets, while offering our clients a deposit program giving a credit for each returned pallet.


We wish to help you find efficiencies. A serial number is attributed to each of our products so you can trace them easily, anywhere in the world, in order to follow any merchandise you ship.


We think very highly of the importance of hygiene during the handling of your products. This is the reason why we offer you galvanized steel pallets, easy to maintain and that satisfy the food industry requirements.


We are very conscious about the health of our employees and yours. Designed to optimize lightness, our galvanized steel pallets are easier to handle, thus reducing the risk of injury while moving them around.


We always strive to enhance the quality of our products. We offer innovative handling solutions, and nothing on the market matches their design.

Canadian Made

Palac Industries inc. is a proud Canadian company. We design and manufacture our products in Canada, while respecting the most stringent standards to satisfy the hygiene, sanitary conditions and exportation requirements.